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Fastest? No. Cool as Ice? Yes. That’s Kimi

No, he is not the fastest man in the grid. He is not young anymore and is not winning as he should be. He responds to questions in his special monosyllabic accent. Besides race weekends and Ferrari’s sponsor commitments, he hides in his own kingdom. He is slower than...

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MotoGP Tyre Options for the Uninitiated

(Updated for the 2019 season on 30th November 2018) You’ve decided MotoGP is the sport for you. You’ve watched a few races, you’ve picked a rider or two you like but now it’s time to take it to the next level and increase your knowledge. So where to start? Qualifying,...

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F1 Art – Ferrari Dominance in Monaco

Ferrari looking so very strong at the moment and leaving all in their wake. I was watching Kimi during the presentations. I don't think he smiled once during the whole time. Was he just unhappy with second or was he mulling over the strongly rumoured "Seb first...

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