The Most Successful F1 Cars Ever

Mercedes has dominated the last three years of hybrid generation although Ferrari are definitely on Mercedes’ tail this year. Before Mercedes, Red Bull took the domination to another level when they won four consecutive Constructor’s and Driver’s Championships. In the...

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Fastest? No. Cool as Ice? Yes. That’s Kimi

No, he is not the fastest man in the grid. He is not young anymore and is not winning as he should be. He responds to questions in his special monosyllabic accent. Besides race weekends and Ferrari’s sponsor commitments, he hides in his own kingdom. He is slower than...

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MotoGP Tyre Options for the Uninitiated

You’ve decided MotoGP is the sport for you. You’ve watched a few races, you’ve picked a rider or two you like but now it’s time to take it to the next level and increase your knowledge. So where to start? Qualifying, the points system or electronics? All good but you...

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