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Arm Pump in MotoGP

We are kind of used to seeing our favourite riders miss a week here or there after a crash related injury. We are also pretty much used to being shocked by the incredibly fast healing these guys seem to exhibit. They will ride a few weeks out from a fracture in some...

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Unsung Heroes of MotoGP

On race weekend the paddocks are overflowing with people. Who are they and what do they do? From cooks to mechanics, there is more to a MotoGP team than meets the eye and many people come together to put a rider on the grid race after race. What does a MotoGP team...

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Which are the Toughest MotoGP Circuits on Brakes?

Every one of the 19 rounds in the MotoGP season carries unique difficulties for the riders and teams. Some have surface issues (COTA, Jerez). Some have erratic weather patterns (the UK and Phillip Island) and others are tough on brakes. It is said that braking is the...

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Who are the Greatest Motorcycle Riders of All Time?

There are so many arguments for who is the greatest rider of all time in the motorcycle world and how this is to be determined. Personally, I think some individual opinion comes into play and no matter how we assess the stats we could all come up with a different...

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