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Isle of Man TT – Frequently Asked Questions

What documentation will I need to get to the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man (IOM) is not technically part of the United Kingdom as it’s a Crown dependency. Thus it’s a “territory for which the United Kingdom is responsible.”

It is not a member of the EU but UK legislation allows for travel to and from the island.

Therefore, if you are a UK citizen then you don’t need a passport (although you will need some sort of photographic ID if flying from the UK – your airline will advise you on this).

EU citizens can travel to the island for the TT without restriction.

If you are from outside of the EU then clearly you would already have arrived in the UK and thus to travel to the IOM from within the UK will not be a problem.

What about health cover?

You will be covered for emergency treatment for free. UK citizens will be covered under a reciprocal agreement with the NHS. However, this would not cover, for example, if you needed an air ambulance back to the mainland.

If you are not a UK resident then it is absolutely essential you have travel insurance.

You cannot use your European Health Insurance Card on the IOM.

Are there speed limits on the IOM?

There are speed limits in every built up area as you would expect. However, there is no national speed limit.

Thus, if you plan to ride the TT circuit then outside of the speed limited areas there is no speed restriction.

BUT ride to your abilities.

You must still ride safely both to protect yourself and other road users. The Highway Code will apply.

You will need to be especially careful as there will probably be a number of riders overtaking you.

Locals will also be using the roads.

Your situational and positional awareness will need to be extremely high.

Remember always to be able to stop in the distance you can see to be clear.

Can I use my mobile phone?

The IOM telecom companies do have an agreement with UK mobile networks BUT as the IOM is not part of the EU, the roaming charges’ cap does not apply.

You might want to consider buying a local pay as you go sim card.

What about currency?

The IOM has its own currency but GB sterling is legal tender there.

However, IOM currency cannot be used outside of the IOM.

You can exchange it at any bank free of charge.

How will Brexit affect things?

You will probably be aware that the situation is in a state of considerable flux.

However, both the British Government and the EU have stated that there will be no problem with flights even in the event of no deal.

With regard to requiring a visa, the EU has said there will be a requirement to pay a small fee for a visa exemption.

This will be introduced in 2021.

Other than this, it is not expected that an actual visa will be required.

What is the local transport like?

On non racing days the bus service is very extensive. Full details are available here

There is also the railway

Taxis will be available as well of course. Best to search online for them.

What's the evening entertainment like?

We can only comment on Douglas as that’s as far as we have been (our campsite is on the outskirts of the town). There are numerous pubs/bars/restaurants but it will be very busy, particularly during race week.

There are also a number of large beer tents to cater for the thirst of the many thousands of TT fans.

Where is it best to watch the racing?

We don’t have much personal knowledge of this as we are too busy looking after our guests although the racing does pass our campsite entrance!

Detailed below are several guides that look good:

From (towards the bottom)

Where can I find the schedule and start times for all the racing? When do the roads close and reopen?

All the information you want is located here