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A Female Perspective on the F1 Grid Girls’ Ban

Any motorsport fan has heard about the banning of Grid Girls in F1. It’s clear the decision has created a massive backlash from fans and teams alike. Most countries simply decided to ignore it and go ahead with Grid Girls regardless of Liberty Media's ban. There are...

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MotoGP Brakes For Beginners

With a possible top speed of 356kph (that’s about 220mph for you non metric folks) your brakes are probably pretty important to you. Not to worry. With Italian company Brembo onboard since 1978 they’ve got our boys in leather covered. So let’s take a look at what...

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A Guide to Travelling to a MotoGP

So you have decided to go to a MotoGP race weekend this season. How to be comfortable? What do you pack? What’s the best route? Should you bring luxuries? How to deal with the weather? Whether you are arriving by bike or car will impact greatly on your ability to...

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