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F1 Art – Ferrari Dominance in Monaco

Ferrari looking so very strong at the moment and leaving all in their wake. I was watching Kimi during the presentations. I don’t think he smiled once during the whole time. Was he just unhappy with second or was he mulling over the strongly rumoured “Seb...

Spanish F1GP Art

Titanic battle between Lewis Hamilton and Seb Vettel. Fascinating Strategy too. Bring on more races like this please! Lewis celebrating with his team. Had to include Fernando in his home GP. At least he made it to the finish! That poor young man who was so upset when...

Spanish MotoGP 2017 Art

I thoroughly enjoyed this race and what a performance by Dani Pedrosa. The bike view of Marc Marquez. Can never resist Valentino even though he did not have the best of races.

F1 Art from the 2017 Russian Grand Prix

When I heard the guys and gals at intentsGP had got their 2017 blog going, I could not resist sending over some pics! So here we go. This is just after the start of the race with Valtteri Bottas about to get ahead of Seb Vettel. It’s a sort of pastel effect....