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Affiliate Program

We have revamped our affiliate program and it is now running at our sister site

For now it is only running at the Belgian F1 Grand Prix but further events will follow.

More information about it is available here


What is an Affiliate Program?

This is where you can earn money by referring your visitors to our website.

How does it work?

1. You join our affiliate program and place links on your website/blog or forum, in your newsletter or your emails 2. Your visitor clicks that link and buys a product from us 3. You earn a commission for the sales generated through your links.

How do you know that the visitor came from MY site?

As an affiliate you will be assigned a special link coded with an ID that is unique to you. Software on our site tracks the sales generated by that unique affiliate link.

Do I have to pay to join?

No, it’s absolutely free

What’s the commission rate?

It’s 10%.

The average value of a customer purchase in 2023 was £847.

I don’t have a website?

You will need a medium for people to click on your unique affiliate link. The most logical way is via a website, blog or forum. Clearly, with our product range, you need to be somehow involved in Formula 1 and/or MotoGP. If you feel you can achieve this by other means then please apply with all your details and we will review your application. We should say that having an established, quality website, blog or forum will be a significant factor in our decision.

I am no good at selling!

Your role is not to sell. Your role as an affiliate is to pre-sell. You direct people to our website and we will sell the products to them.

Is acceptance automatic?

No, each application will be reviewed individually

Do I have to be in the UK to be accepted?

No, but the major thing to consider is that our packages are all in Europe so does your website attract sufficient motorsport fans who want to attend European races?